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for the greater love of Minho/Donghae

The Flaming Fishie's Charisma
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loving the Minho/Donghae
hey men hos
This community is dedicated to the love of Choi Minho (SHINee) and Lee Donghae (Super Junior). We love their hyung-dongsaeng dynamic, their friendship, and every other relationship. :) Play with us, because they are too adorable to resist.

We welcome news, pictures, videos, discussion, and fanworks!

Any questions or issues should be brought to the attention of your mods via PM.
listen up yo
Here are the rules of the community, which will be amended as necessary:

(1) play nice
(2) lj-cut as appropriate
(3) label all r and nc-17 material
(4) follow the tagging system
(5) do NOT link to locked material

→ Get started with the Minho/Donghae primer!
→ Interested in affiliating? Let us know!
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